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From over 50 years, Elettrotecnica Industriale Gritti snc, offers to its customers professionality and quality in the selling and repearing of air, oil and cast resin transformers. The structure of the firm, the new high technological machineries and overall the experience, can fulfil every request on the national and international territory, thanks to a great warehouse.

Developed on an area of about 4000 mq, the firm has 4 different loft buildings: for production, repearing and assistance of air, oil and cast resin transformers.
It has a ready warehouse with transformers up to kva 6000 of power and a reparability until MVA 25, class 7,2 – 12 -17,5 – 24 – 36.

Elettrotecnica Industriale Gritti snc has a great choise of transformers available to satisfy specific needs of the customers, placing quality like primary finality with:
- Distribution transformers
- Induction, isolation and elevation furnaces for hydroelectric, biogas, aeolic,
- Photovoltaic center, etc...

Our finality is to answer perfectly to the specific requirement of our customers, therefore we work in close collaboration with them, in order to guarantee a qualified and competitive product.

ELETTROTECNICA INDUSTRIALE GRITTI di Gritti L. & C. snc - Sede: Via Torricelli, 18/20 - Molinetto di Mazzano (BS) - P. Iva: 02164260172
Filiale: Via Torricelli, 21/23 - Molinetto di Mazzano (BS) Tel. + 39 030 26 29 480 / 030 21 20 850 - Fax +39 030 21 20 536 - E-mail: info@grittielettrotecnica.it
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