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Service & Repair

Our firm has two independent and specialized workshops to repair and check motors, pumps and transformers. Our objective is to answer to the specific needs of our customers, working in a close cooperation with them.

Elettrotecnica Industriale Gritti Snc has a skilled workshop available to carry out overhaul, repairs, rewinding and preventive maintenance of electrical motors of every power, type or marks: direct current, alternate current and variable-speed.

We repair exterior and submersed pumps, with replacement of original spare part. Our repairing routine of pumps and motors is: disassemble the item, inside and outside cleaning, check and inspection of the electrical and mechanic parts, rewind if necessary with insulation class materials F or H, replace of the bearings, painting and oven drying of the stator and/or rotor with insulating varnish class H, reassembling and loadless testing with insulation proof.

Every type of motors and pumps during the repair are followed by the drawing up of a job card in which is expressed delivery time and prices. It is possible to buy a new motor or pumps, quantifying time and price convenience between new or repaired.
This makes sure to do the best following the requirement of the customers'.

Our firm, formed by specialized men, can offer immediately technical assistance for every emergency thanks to our large warehouse, to reduce damage due to the transformers. We can offer ordinary and extraordinary maintenance service to those transformers that cannot be transported. In fact we send skilled labour to our customers to do oil treatment or to replace gaskets. Our transformers repair department can rewind a large range of transformers : multitension , MT/BT, MT/MT up to voltage V.36000, furnace transformers with secondary on load commutator and autotransformers.

ELETTROTECNICA INDUSTRIALE GRITTI di Gritti L. & C. snc - Sede: Via Torricelli, 18/20 - Molinetto di Mazzano (BS) - P. Iva: 02164260172
Filiale: Via Torricelli, 21/23 - Molinetto di Mazzano (BS) Tel. + 39 030 26 29 480 / 030 21 20 850 - Fax +39 030 21 20 536 - E-mail: info@grittielettrotecnica.it
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